C.A.P. Exhibits

Girl fishing after fishing

Carolina Flare: The evolution of an Outer Banks fishing vessel

In this area children see how locals in this area make their living and the industrial continuity between boat building, fishing and the tourism industry.


Educational Concepts and Skill Development

The Carolina Flare Boat exhibit is carefully designed to support the development of these important early learning principles:

  • Social/Negotiation:Practice every day interaction with people in social environment
  • Large Motor Skills:Climbing up ladders, pulling fish into boat
  • Fine Motor Skills:Turning the wheel, turning crank on fishing poles
  • Literacy:Measuring fish with a ruler, identifying fish and sea life
  • Creative Thinking:Role-playing, the history of the Carolina Flare vessel
  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving: heavy vs. light, big and little
  • Language:Fishing terminology
  • Community Awareness:Local occupation
  • Cultural Awareness:How some locals make a living
  • Arts:Dramatic role-playing, fish colors, shapes and sizes, historical photos on signage
  • Health/Nutrition:Benefits of eating fish
  • Math:Measuring, weights, sorting and amounts

Thank you Boat Docs of Manteo for Sponsoring Carolina Flare: The evolution of an Outer Banks fishing vessel

The Lighthouse

Exploring the lighthouse, children can begin to understand the connection between sea and land and the unique geography of our coast. They can also discover and identify a historic career and lifestyle that was an inherent aspect of the past and a precursor to the US Coast Guard of today.


Older children can also think about how captains and navigators utilized this beacon of light in order to keep their ship safe. For our smallest visitors they will have a safe opportunity to explore a lighthouse.  Part of our lighthouse exhibit includes our Outer Banks train table that takes you by many of the famous lighthouses located up and down the banks.

  • Social/Negotiation:Work with parents and other children to paint the lighthouse together
  • Large Motor Skills: Painting, Climbing on rocks
  • Fine Motor Skills: Opening flaps, holding paintbrushes and rollers
  • Literacy: Early literacy through comparing lighthouses, reading label text and identifying paint colors.
  • Creative Thinking:Role-playing a lighthouse keeper.
  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving: Discovering facts and comparisons about different lighthouses
  • Language:Lighthouse label text information
  • Community Awareness:exposure to a traditional Outer Banks profession
  • Arts:Lighthouse shapes, colors, styles and designs
  • Math: Counting Steps, Counting Lighthouses

Thank you Hannon family for Sponsoring the Lighthouse Exhibit.

buying groceries

The OBX Grocery Store

Visit the Outer Banks own mini grocery store!  Buy fruits, vegetables, plan your meals for the day and check out your purchases!


Educational Concepts and Development of skills

The Grocery Store exhibit is carefully designed to promote the development of these important early learning principles:

  • Social/Negotiation:checking out customers, discussing prices
  • Large Motor Skills:Walking, grabbing, lifting, pushing
  • Literacy: Reading labels and prices
  • Creative Thinking:Role-playing as a waitress, chef, clerk or shopper
  • Language:English Vocabulary
  • Community Awareness:Different jobs in our community
  • Arts: shapes, colors, sizes
  • Math:counting, adding, scales

The Outer Banks Teddy Bear Hospital

Educational Concepts and Development of skills

The Teddy Bear Hospital exhibit is carefully designed to support the development of these important early learning principles:

  • Social/Negotiation: interaction with people in social environments through caring for Teddy Bears
  • Large Motor Skills: Total body strengthening through exercise equipment meant to raise heart rate and work all body parts.
  • Fine Motor Skills: dress – up and examining the teddy bears
  • Literacy: Early literacy through diagnosis process using clipboards with colors, words and pictures.
  • Creative Thinking:Role-playing a doctor and patient relationship.
  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving: Health problems and their solutions, heart rate, food choices
  • Language:Medical vocabulary, body part labeling
  • Community Awareness:exposure to a noble profession
  • Cultural Awareness:Bears are all sizes and colors, the acceptance of all people for who they are.
  • Arts:colorful food puzzles
  • Health/Nutrition: Benefits of exercise, following “My Plate”
  • Math: Heart rate counting and multiplication

Thank you Outer Banks Hospital for Sponsoring The Outer Banks Teddy Bear Hospital



Ramps for balls, Giant Lite Brite, Gear Table and the Bernoulli Blower.  Cr8IT! is designed to encourage children of all ages to dive into engineering.  An important part of the STEAM initiative.  This encourages children to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, increases math skills, 3-D thinking, geometry and many more critical cognitive skills.  At this exhibit,  kids play with a purpose; learning more about math, science, art and engineering.

Imagination Playground – Big Blue Blocks!

Play, build, invent, destroy, share.  The blue blocks are a great way for children to create their own inventions and work together with others, learning social and engineering skills. 

“They inspire children to design their own inventions, environments and activities. Because Imagination Playground is child-directed and open-ended, it encourages self-expression through deep, joyful play.” – imaginationplayground.com