We are a team of dedicated and professional experts. We all have vast experience in the area of children and childhood development. Although we have different life experiences, educational backgrounds and skill sets, we all love children.

We ended up working together because we all shared the same passions and visions. Together we formed Educational Solutions.

After many meetings, trials and errors, we eventually grew into the reliable company that we are today.

We are much more than just a company. We are a visionary for the future. We focus on helping families and children who are being home schooled. While we realized the value in home schooling, we understand that this created some social issues. We formed Educational Solutions in order to bridge the gap between home schooling, socializing and other issues.

Our fundamental aim at Educational Solutions is to ensure that all children have a bright and successful future. We aim to equip them with the life experience, social skills and other attributes that they don’t usually get when being home schooled.

We allow families to enjoy being home schooled without having to compensate in other areas. Together we help children to become well-adjusted grown-ups. We equip them with all the skills that they need in order to become a valuable and contributing member of society.

If you or someone that you know is being home schooled, we can help them to obtain all the skills that they need. We have been highly successful in what we do and we have the testimonials to prove it.

Please feel free to get in contact with us should you require our services. We are always happy to help and we love hearing from you.