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John and Julia’s experience

We are the proud parents of two beautiful twin girls. Home schooling them was never in our plans. However after they had attended school, we realized all the negative connotations of sending them to a main stream school.

Julia quit her job and John was made the “breadwinner of the family”. Julia home schooled her children day in and day out. Despite their educational abilities going up, their social skills and ability to communicate with others went down.

We were almost ready to send them back to a mainstream school. Through a friend of ours someone recommended Educational Solutions. After two years with Educational Solutions, and my home schooling, I can now say they are both well-adjusted children.

Thank you Educational Solutions for helping my girls have a better future.


Hello my name is Kirsty. I have been using Educational Solutions for a few years now. I have always been home schooling my daughter. I realized quite early on that something was wrong.

My husband and I are both just average people. We are not psychologists or experts in children. We had no idea what to do, when we realized something was wrong.

We know in a school system, the teacher would have identified the problem. Unfortunately we were not in a school system and we did not have the referrals necessary.

I found Educational Solutions online and I contacted them in desperation. They went over and beyond their call of duty to ensure that my daughter got the proper diagnosis and treatment.

They put us in touch with all the best people to help her. She now has a team of experts on her side. She is properly diagnosed and we know exactly what to do to help her.

Thank you Educational Solutions, I recommend you to everyone everywhere.


Thank you Educational Solutions for helping my boys. I trust that they will grow into fine young men. Thank you for the huge contributions you have made to their lives. Their lives have forever been changed after meeting you guys. The whole team at Educational Solutions is included in our everyday prayers. All the best to you and your team. From James and the boys.