Welcome to our unique and fabulous team at Education Solutions. We are proud to introduce you to our main team. Please note that we do engage with top of the range consultants should we need to. This includes a range of doctors, child psychiatrists and much more.

Tracey T

Tracey has been a part of Educational Solutions right from the start. She is practically like a piece of furniture with us. A value piece of furniture that is. Tracey has her Master’s degree in child psychology. She is always trying to improve her credentials by attending valuable courses. She also is always doing a new online course in the field.

Tracey has two children of her own. One boy and one girl. She was home schooled as a child. Due to her own experience with home schooling she has a full understanding of what the requirements and needs are for each child.

She openly admits that she struggled socially due to being home schooled. She is fully committed to ensuring that our clients don’t end up struggling like she did.

Elaine G

Elaine is a qualified occupational therapist that has many years of experience in her field. She joined Educational Solutions because she really loved our vision and she wanted to make a difference.

Elaine has three children of her own. Her youngest son has some learning challenges. He was diagnosed with autism very early on in his life. After attending a main stream school everything got difficult for him.

After many sleepless nights Elaine decided to home school her son. While he is autistic he already struggles socially. She loves the idea of Educational Solutions a place to help all children overcome all their difficulties.

When Elaine is not spending time with her family, she is at the gym; she enjoys releasing her stress through exercise.

David P

David is a one of a kind guy that you will never meet again. He was a principal of a school many years ago back in South Africa. He has years of experience in the educational field and he loves working with children.

David enjoys playing the guitar. He is also a member of a band. He believes that music is the way to help children. He is a secret musical genius and many of us suspect that he is a reincarnation of Beethoven.

David has been with us for over ten years now and he loves every second of working in the field.

Sarah J

Sarah is totally and utterly obsessed with animals. Prior to working at Educational Solutions, Sarah worked with animals. Her degrees and experience lie within animal behaviourism. She has also worked at a vet.

Most of her life and free time has been spent working with animal rescues. She is devoted to animals and believes that children and animals form the best bond.

She even volunteered at a program which helps incarcerated youths bond with animals. When it comes to animals and especially dogs, Sarah is our go to person. We are almost convinced that she can speak “Woof”.

Judith S

Judith is the oldest member of our team. She is actually the founder and the one that came up with the entire concept. She worked behind the scenes to create the Educational Solutions that we know today.

She was sick of seeing great children, getting a valuable education at home, yet still struggling in other aspects. She wanted to be able to help bridge the gap.

Her passion for children and child development comes from her own child. Judith has two degrees in early childhood development and education. She is the proud mother of an adopted son.

When she is not working she can be found at home reading a book. She proudly tells everyone that she has her own home library; it only took her most of her life to build the book collection.