Moving to a new country comes with a whole bundle of stress but, finding a suitable school for your kid still remains the biggest and the toughest. Things aren’t any simpler for students either, as they have to adjust to an entirely new setting, new curriculum, and new social gatherings. So, if you’re looking for an international school in Thailand, be sure to choose one that will suit your kid’s requirements best.

While picking an international school, there are a couple of things you should consider:

1. Accreditation

If you want to check the quality of a school, look for the accreditations it holds. In Thailand, the Office of Nation Education Standards and Quality Assessment is responsible for quality assurance within schools. There are many accrediting bodies in the country, however, the most prestigious ones include the:

• New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC),

• Council of International Schools (CIS),

• Centre for British Teachers (CfBT), and

• Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

2. Location

For a city like Bangkok, the importance of finding a school in a suitable location can’t be stressed enough. While a handful of top-tier international schools have campuses in good locations, others are located in distant suburbs, which are difficult to get to with the local transit system. Plus, the two-hour daily commute will take its toll on your kids, so it’s best to opt for schools closer to you.

3. Academic and Extra Curricular

The first choice, in most cases, will be to opt for the curriculum that your kid was following back in your home country, especially if you’re stationed in the country temporarily. Luckily, international schools in Thailand offer many different curriculums including International Baccalaureate, British, American, French, German, Australian, and Singaporean.

With regards to extracurricular, it is important to opt for a school that offers a balance between academics and skill-building activities. Inquire whether the school you are interested in offers extracurricular such as performing arts and sports.

Relocating can be tough on kids and parents alike but, you can go the extra mile to make the change easier for your little ones. Use the listed advice to choose an international school in Thailand that would be best for your child. Please visit :