A dog can help your child

Do you have a dog at home? There are many benefits of a child growing up with a dog. Dogs have even been known to assist children with all sorts of disabilities such as autism.

Many studies have revealed that growing up with a dog has huge benefits to children. If we had to recommend the ideal dog breed for you, we would suggest either a Labrador or a golden retriever.

While all dogs have wonderful temperaments these particular dogs are ideal for children. They are also very easy to train and they fit in well with the rest of the family.

A dog can help your children learn empathy and compassion. Studies have revealed that children who have grown up with dogs are more likely to become caring grown-ups.

In additions dogs are great at helping children develop their social and emotional skills. Dogs can even help to improve your child’s self-esteem. They make excellent friends and they also can help children to learn responsibility.

As dog lovers ourselves, we will happily help you find the right dog suited for you and your family. As always we love hearing your comments and feedback.

Until till next time, woof woof 🙂