Welcome to the Outer Banks Children @ Play Museum

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Welcome to the Outer Banks Children at Play Museum

The Outer Banks Children @ Play Museum is a small but dynamic family interactive museum designed to encourage families to learn and grow together through play! Enjoy some real Outer Banks life as you play in and around our 25 foot charter fishing boat, take your catch to the market, then cook it all up in our Children @ Play Cafe. Take care of sick bears in our Outer Banks Teddy Bear Hospital or leave a beautiful picture in our giant lite brite. Make memories while enhancing your child’s math, science, language, and social skills. Special classes covered by the price of admission are available throughout the year.


Hands-on exposure to multiple fields of science to explore help children to make sense of the world around them. Children are natural, seekers, explorers and scientists!


Living Swell exhibit


Technology is a huge part of our modern society. Children at Play has instructional videos on how Outer Banks shrimp companies work.




Children grasp math and science concepts through building and creating. The museum’s interactive hands on exhibits are a great way to understand engineering through experimentation.



Research shows children that are exposed early and often to art perform better in math and science subjects in school.



Starting early with hands-on experiences using math manipulatives is critical for the young brain to form connections, and understand more complex math concepts later such as; shapes, numbers, money and fractions.