Significant Benefits of Going to International Schools in Bangkok

In recent times, many parents have been taking their kids to international schools to pursue quality education. Other than this, several other factors make people choose these institutions over regular schools.

Here are some of the top reasons why Children Play at OBX advises you to take your child to an international school in Bangkok.

Universal Curriculum

The type of curriculum offered in international schools in Bangkok is perhaps their standout benefit. It is universal, meaning it is accepted throughout the world. Even if you move to another country, your kid will not have a difficult time adapting to the new syllabus.


Getting an education at an international school exposes your kid to people from other backgrounds. This experience teaches them to appreciate diversity. As a result, they become less likely to discriminate others.

Furthermore, these schools have excellent resources. This means that scholars get familiarized to these facilities while young and do not face any problems when they eventually transition to university and colleges.

Vital Life Skills

One limitation of regular learning centres is that they do not teach life skills entirely or pay little attention to it. Instead, they emphasize academics. The problem with the approach is that it produces students unable to cope well with hardships after school.

On the other hand, Children Play at OBX recommends international schools because they have an all-rounded curriculum that teaches invaluable life skills. Therefore, their students are better prepared for life after school.

Better Job Opportunities

Another benefit of going to international schools is that it gives learners a better chance of getting employed after graduating. The reasons for these include the quality of education offered and the life skills taught in these institutions.

Exchange Programs

Some international schools have deals with prestigious universities around the world. This means that students have a chance to enrol in these institutions once they finish high school.


Though the primary benefit of international schools in Bangkok is providing quality education, many other benefits can have a positive impact on your kids’ future.  Taking your youngster to these institutions is the best decision that you can make as a parent.

If you are looking for international school in Bangkok, KIS International School Bangkok is the best mid-sized IB World School in Thailand offering International Baccalaureate Programmes.