4 Mindfulness Training Activities for Children in The Classroom

Mindfulness training has all kinds of benefits every parent and teacher would love. But what are the odds that a child will sit still for an hour?  Children at play obx suggests this quick yet effective mindfulness activities you can do with children.

A breathing exercise

Mindfulness training is all about sitting down and focusing on a single thing like the sound of your breath. However, making some children sit still doesn’t come easy. Although it’s possible! Colorful pillows and some soft music can help them get interested. Then you can entice them to keep going by asking them to pretend they’re smelling their favorite dish as they take deep breaths in and exhale out. Keep it short 5-10 minutes.

Body scan

This a fun mindfulness activity that will help a child to relax before they sleep. Ask the child to lay on the floor with eyes closed or to just look at the ceiling. Then encourage them to shift their focus on their toes, knees, calves, tummy etc. for about 10 seconds each.  While at it, let them describe how they feel at each body part. If any part feels tight, ask them to breath out the stress.

Enjoy a nature walk

Take your learners out for a mindful walk. This provides them with the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and they will benefit from the happy feeling that results after an exercise. As you walk, allow them to pick some things from nature such as a flowers or leaves. Talk about the items they have as you enjoy your walk.  A nature walk is also a great opportunity to bond with your learners.

Breathing hands

Ask your learners to spread out their hands like a star. With their hands spread, illustrate how to trace the outline of the star hand and let them do it. Ask them to inhale deeply as they move towards the top of their fingers, and exhale as they move downwards. Repeat until leaners go through all their fingers.


Everyday classroom activities can be used to train mindfulness in children. The most essential thing about mindfulness is enjoying the present.

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